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Sign Up to Skinny Jump

Jump is a low-cost, prepaid broadband internet service for eligible Kiwi homes. You get 15GB free each month, and can top up 35G of data for just $5, up to 225 GB per month.

Smart Newtown is a provider, and we can help get you signed up!

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Jump is available to households without an existing internet connection and for whom cost is a barrier.

It's great for families with kids, job seekers, seniors, people with disabilities, refugees and migrants, and folks in social housing.

While it's not suitable for lots of data-intensive fun (streaming, online gaming), if you need to check your email, pay your bills, browse the internet, keep up with social media, or support your kids' online learning, Jump can help you do all of that!

Check to see if your location can access Skinny Jump here, by typing in your address HERE.

And check HERE for more information on whether Jump is right for you.


Drop by Smart Newtown during our normal opening hours, or email or phone ahead and make an appointment.


PHONE: 04 389 9143

We'll sit down with you and go through the sign up process. You'll just need your email.


If you've got a smart phone, bring that too so we can help you download the Skinny Jump app. It makes topping up and checking your balance so much more simple.

After that, we fill out a form, and demonstrate how to set up and connect to your modem at home. Just plug it in, wait for it to connect to Spark's towers, and then you're good to go.

We'll also show you what to do if moving house, and how to return the modem if you not longer need a Jump Connection.

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