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Free Internet access & computer courses

We have 19 desktop computers in our community computer suite all connected up to the internet and ready for you to use! If it's your first time at Smart Newtown you'll need to Register online here or at the office. We aim to be a welcoming and safe place for all community members so we will ask you to agree to our house rules. We also offer a help-desk service for one on one support and offer shorter workshops from time to time.



March 6th 2024

Our longer blocks of courses will not be running this term. Instead, we will be teaching one-off, 2-hour classes every Wednesday and Friday, provided by Stepping Up. You can register for them here.

Take part in our online survey to help select the topics and times. 

Click here to read our 'house rules'


Computer Basics

New to computers? This course starts with the basics of the physical components and continues working with files and folders to organize your work. We'll also cover the important settings, including how to schedule updates to keep the computer healthy and protected, and how back up your files for safe keeping.


Intro to Smartphones

New to smartphones? This course provides a comprehensive overview of the wide array of apps, settings, and utilities that your phone holds. Among other things, we will briefly go over the power settings, camera, wi-fi connection options, notifications, typing, and making phone calls.


Intro to Apps

Smart phones have access to a dizzying array of applications. This course will cover the basics. Apps often request a lot of personal data, so we'll have tips on how to limit that. We'll also cover the basics of installing and uninstalling apps, how to keep them updated, and a brief overview of hotspotting: turning your phone into a Wi-Fi antenna.


Setting Up Email

In this course, we walk through the process of setting up a Gmail account, getting familiar with the interface, and managing your email contacts list. It’s designed for complete beginners, and those that need a refresher.


Email Essentials

The course covers sending, receiving, replying, and forwarding emails. We also work with email attachments, which is useful if you’ve ever needed to forward an image or a scanned document. Finally, we will get familiar with folders and groups, and learn how to recognize spam and block it.


Internet Safety and Security

This is a theory course providing an overview of some of the major risks you can encounter online, and how to mitigate them. It provides tips on how to evaluate websites, pointers on security software, and how to configure security settings on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We’ll also point you toward online resources to help with these.


RealMe & MyMSD

RealMe is essential for dealing with MSD, and useful for a lot of other places where identity proof is needed. We’ll explain what it is, how it works, and how to set up and verify an account, and how to change update details. The second part of the class covers registering for MSD and setting up an appointment.


Creating a CV

Writing and updating a CV are daunting tasks for so many of us. This class breaks it down into manageable chunks. We’ll cover what CVs should include, how to tailor skills and give examples, how to note your references and keep them current, using templates to speed the work, and layout options to give you the best chance of landing the job. We’ll also offer some advice on shaping cover letters for different roles.


Help Desk

During opening hours, best between 12 PM and 2 PM

Got computer or Internet issues? Perhaps you’re having trouble transferring files from a USB stick? Can’t figure out how to log into Facebook!? Want to make sure your computer has no viruses? 

We offer one-to-one free short training sessions through our help desk service. Just pop in during office hours  or contact our friendly staff to book in a time.

Other Services we offer



 From time to time we offer shorter courses or one-off                                                                             workshops. Previous topics have included: 

The best way to find out about these upcoming courses is to sign up to the Newtown Community Centre's fortnightly e-newsletter or follow us on Facebook.

 Is there something you'd like to learn? Please get in touch!


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