Free Internet access & computer courses

We have 19 desktop computers in our community computer suite all connected up to the internet and ready for you to use! If it's your first time at Smart Newtown you'll need to Register online here or at the office. We aim to be a welcoming and safe place for all community members so we will ask you to agree to our house rules.

Smart Newtown provides free computing classes for the community with the three core courses outlined below. We run these courses five times per year and each course is seven weeks long. At the completion of the course we will present you with a certificate and share a "pot luck" lunch together to celebrate your learning! We also offer a help-desk service for one on one support and offer shorter workshops from time to time.



The week of 11th October 2021


Introduction to Computing
3.30pm-6pm Monday
9.30am-12pm Friday

The 'Introduction To Computing' course is designed to introduce you to skills that will enable you to benefit from using a computer and the internet, such as setting how to set up an email account. 


It is intended for people with little or no computing skills.


Microsoft Office Fundamentals
3.30pm-6pm  Thursday

This course is designed to introduce you to the most useful and common features of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.


These skills should also provide you with a basis with which to advance your learning in these areas.

Please read about our courses below. You can register online at the links below or by popping in to visit us. 


Click here to read our 'house rules'

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Microsoft Office Level II
9.30am-12pm Wednesday

This is our follow up course to Microsoft Office Fundamentals. This course is designed for people who have some basic experience of using Microsoft Office. 


This course will help you to become more confident and improve your level of skill from basic to intermediate or advanced. 


Help Desk

During opening hours

Got computer or Internet issues? Perhaps you’re having trouble transferring files from a USB stick? Can’t figure out how to log into Facebook!? Want to make sure your computer has no viruses? 

We offer one-to-one free short training sessions through our help desk service. Just pop in during office hours  or contact our friendly staff to book in a time.

Other Services we offer


The best way to find out about these upcoming courses is to sign up to the Newtown Community Centre's fortnightly e-newsletter or follow us on Facebook.


 From time to time we offer shorter courses or one-off                                                                             workshops. Previous topics have included: 

 Is there something you'd like to learn? Please get in touch!


20 Cents per page - single sided

30 Cents per page - double sided


$1.00 per page


A4 $1.00 per sheet

A3 $1.50 per sheet



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