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Smart Newtown


Free Community Based Computing

Kia ora! Welcome to Smart Newtown, where residents of Newtown and the wider Wellington community can learn computer skills, use computers and access the Internet for free.


Our goals are:

  1. To support the Newtown community to be empowered to participate in the digital world – to have the skills, motivation and confidence to use computers and the internet.

  2. To provide quality FREE access to computers and the internet for the Newtown community, in a welcoming and safe facility.

  3. To develop programmes, classes, workshops that respond to the needs of the community, with particular focus on those with less digital literacy or access.

In addition to providing access to computers and the internet, Smart Newtown holds courses designed to teach participants the basics of computing, the internet and how to use the Microsoft Office suite of products. We also offer a help desk service for one-on-one support, various shorter workshops, cheap printing and free scanning. To see our full list of services please check out check out the 'Our Services' page.

Smart Newtown is a project of the Newtown Community Centre and is funded by Wellington City Council.

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